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Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2012 by Nina Spezzaferro


This is the result of my attempt to bake a Valentine’s Day cake, a cake that has yet to come to fruition. Last Sunday night I was getting the ingredients together for a fabulously amazing heart-shaped Red Wine Chocolate Valentine’s Day cake. I stepped onto a chair to put the sugar and cake flour away when something happened to my left knee. I gingerly stepped down and realized it hurt to put weight on that leg… a lot. And this wasn’t the first time I injured this particular knee so I knew exactly what to do. I stopped everything I was doing, applied ice and elevated the leg.

It’s feeling a little better and the doctor’s diagnosis is that I tore a muscle and should heal just fine. The downside is that it’s Valentine’s Day and there’s still no Valentine’s Day cake. However, Chris and I are celebrating our anniversary this Friday so Valentine’s Day cake just may become Anniversary cake.


  1. Aunt Silly says:

    Oh NOOOOOOOO! A torn muscle?!? Yikes! Holding every good thought that you heal quickly and completely! :*

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