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Week 50: Currant Jam-Stuffed Coffee Cake

December 30, 2012 by Nina Spezzaferro

jam stuffed finishedI prepared this little gem in a cooking class I took last week. Since the end of my cake project is looming, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I’d like to do next in the kitchen. And – OH MY am I caked out! I’m hoping to spend more time cooking in the near future, learning to cook fish or pork or maybe a whole chicken – all things I’ve never cooked before!

I signed up for a cooking class at Cook&Go, a culinary studio with locations throughout France and one in New York City. The space is lovely and the class menus are unique. I chose the Scandinavian cooking class this time around, but will definitely be returning in the near future to learn more.

In class I prepared an individual serving of a currant jam-stuffed coffee cake. Since the recipe belongs to the school, I won’t be posting it here, but I did want to share some photos of the prep. We whipped the eggs and sugar by hand!

whipped eggs


This is the tray of cakes the class prepared. I thought it was interesting how different they all turned out. Mine is on the top, right corner.

class cakes


In order to fill the baked cake with the jam, we were instructed the make an angled, circular cut with our pairing knives and then taste the bit that we had just cut out. Yum!

hollow cakeInside the little well I placed a squirt of jam. And on top I drizzled a simple glaze made with lime juice and confectioners’ sugar.

jam stuffed finished

I was excited to get my dishes home to eat them. I plated my little cake before digging in. The glaze had hardened like glaze on a donut.

finished jam cake

Though I had gone to cooking class to learn how to make a couple fish dishes, I have to admit the dessert was my favorite.






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