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  1. Week 38: Flourless Nutella Cake

    November 25, 2012 by Nina Spezzaferro

    I need to start this post with an apology. You probably saw the title and thought, “YES! Nutella cake! I’m so there.” I thought I was so “there” too until I made the recipe. (more…)

  2. Week 28: Flourless Chili Chocolate Cake

    August 19, 2012 by Nina Spezzaferro

    A few months ago I baked a flourless chocolate cake. As I noted in that post, the recipe came highly recommended by my friend, Linda, who baked my Dr. Devil’s Food Cake for James Earl Jones. And she got the recipe from her friend, Lynne Silver. It was delightful. So when I wanted to make a chili chocolate cake, doing a flourless version based on that recipe seemed logical. (more…)

  3. Week 15: Flourless Chocolate Cake

    May 3, 2012 by Nina Spezzaferro

    I feel a little sad writing this post because I baked this cake over two weeks ago and now I have to look at photos and remember how fabulous it tasted and how I don’t have any left to savor. Alas, this post needs to be written so I can get back in the kitchen! (more…)